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Relationships are a huge part of our life and greatly impact our health and happiness. Whether we're introverted, extroverted, married, single or whatever our lives look like, the relationships we have (or don't have) affect us greatly.
Some people complain about having too few relationships, others too many. Some people struggle balancing their relationships with other responsibilities in life. Many people juggle their daily commitments at the expense of their relationships and/or personal time.
A Spiritual Life Coach can help you evaluate your relationships, helping you work towards health and wellness in your various relationships. Whether its communication, scheduling, woundedness, expectations, social skills, social networking or other factors causing relational disharmony, a Spiritual Life Coach can help you work through some of these areas and work towards better relationships and a more fulfilling life.
God created us out of relationship and for relationship. We were created out of 2 people and we are meant to interact with others to one degree or another. We were also created to interact healthily with God and even with ourselves; this will lead to a healthier life way of living with the world around us.

Premarital Counseling, Marriage Coaching and Couples Direction are all available and have slightly different approaches and focuses depending on where an individual or couple is at and what they are looking for.

Marriage and family affects us all, whether it's our marriage, our parents' marriage, our child's marriage or even our great grandparents' marriage. The healthy or unhealthy relationships that created us and have been created out of us affect us in deep and profound ways sometimes we never fully understand.
Some marriage and family problems are very painful and severe and need marriage counseling or family therapy. People experiencing these types of deep problems and complicated issues, especially involving abuse, should be advised to seek professional help from people trained to deal with such complex situations. But some marriage and family issues are not so deep and complex and can be improved with small changes which a Spiritual Life Coach can help walk us through. Bringing God's wisdom into the picture can go a long way in growing healthier marriages and families.

A large factor in our relationships with family and friends is communication.  Communication skills, abilities and habits play a large role in our relationships.  Our personality styles, family of origin and other life experiences greatly influence how we communicate with others both positively and negatively.  There are many tools we can use to help us figure out our communication needs as well as the needs of those around us such as The 5 Love Languages and many personality tests.

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