Right of Passage
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There are certain events in life which are momentous and sacred. These milestones mark important occasions which shape our lives and help define who we are. Rites of passage tend to connected to age, religion, education, work and relationships. Some of the more common rites of passage are:

- Birth
- Religious sacraments (baptismchristening, baby dedication, communion,
- Coming of age (depending on one's culture the following ages may or may
   not be significant; 12, 13, 15, 16, 18, 21, 40, 50, 65)
- Graduation
- Marriage (or marital loss)
- Parenthood
- Empty Nest
- PromotionHouse blessing (after a move or life transition)
- Retirement
- Death

Some rights of passage are within our control and some are not. Some are joyful, others are difficult. Some stir up opportunity and confidence while other stir up insecurity and uncertainty. Whatever the age or event, sometimes we need help journeying through that particular milestone. We may need someone to help us celebrate or someone to help us grieve (and sometimes both) depending on the situation.
A Spiritual Life Coach can join us in some of these major life transitions ranging from new life to mid-life to end of life, helping us journey through the good, the bad and the ugly. Sometimes there are more questions than answers and the understanding does not come intellectually but through spiritual surrender. These are often the moments in life which make us or break us. We are shaped into new people as we prepare for the next step, whatever it may be.

Many people have heard of pre-marital counseling but sometimes pre-engagement counseling can be helpful before a couple even commits to getting married.  Some couples discover during engagement they are actually not suited to be married or have a lot to work on before they get married but feel the pressure to go ahead because of wedding plans, wedding dates, family and friends - this is an unfortunate pressure. 

Pre-engagement counseling can help identify some of these challenges before a wedding date is set and the pressure is on.  Already engaged?  Premarital counseling can be a helpful way to feel more comfortable and confident on your wedding day, that you have made the right decision and are building a strong, healthy, happy relationship.

There are different ways of approaching pre-engagement and pre-marital counseling; your spiritual life coach can help find the best approach suited to you.

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