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What is Spiritual Life Coaching?

Spiritual Life Coaching is guidance and direction for life from a faith perspective. It can involve coaching our spiritual life and/or life coaching with a spiritual touch.

What it is not?

Spiritual Life Coaching is not counseling or therapy. There are trained professionals who can counsel people through difficult times or offer therapy to those needing emotional healing or psychological intervention. Some people with difficult emotional or pyschological issues may need medication or psychotherapy. Spiritual Life Coaching does not attempt to deal with severe difficulties like this, though it can complement other forms of assistance people may be receiving.

How often? 

Most people involved in Spiritual Life Coaching meet an average of once a month, though some prefer to meet more or less often depending on various circumstances.Most Spiritual Life Coaching appointments last for an hour but can be longer or shorter than this under special circumstances. As well as hour long appointments you can also book half day or full day retreats to extend your Spiritual Life Coaching session.
Most people see a Spiritual Life Coach for several months or years, but some people find after a session or two that the process or the coach does not suit them. As long as the sessions are helpful and beneficial it is good to continue the relationship. When this ceases to be the case it may be time to reevaluate.
Spiritual Life Coaching is not meant to be rushed. Like counseling or therapy it may take several sessions to notice growth and improvement. This is because the goal is for long term growth and continual improvement, not quick fixes or easy answers.

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