Right of Passage
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We help people journey from the beginning to the end and in between:

- Spiritual deserts and valleys.
- Spiritual mountain tops and transitions.
- Life growth and improvement.
- Relationships (dating, engagements, premarital coaching,
  weddings, marriage coaching and couple direction - spiritual direction for couples).
- Life events; from births to baptisms to funerals and everything in between.
- Retreats, seminars and workshops.
- No quick and easy answers, just real and honest conversations.

Life is a journey from beginning to end and sometimes we need someone to walk with us along the way.

Get the truth and don't ever sell it; also get wisdom, discipline, and discernment
~ Proverbs 23:23

"Spiritual Life Coaching is about growing towards more love, truth, wisdom and strength as we seek greater freedom and abundance in all areas of our lives."

Spiritual Life Coaching is a blending of Life Coaching and Spiritual Direction with an added touch of ancient wisdom and pastoral care. Spiritual Life Coaching looks at life from the holistic point of view, meaning God cares about all things in life and therefore desires to interact in all aspects of life and have impact on our daily living. God is in all and through all. God cares about our relationships, work, leisure, health, finances and other areas of life which impact us as well as those around us.

Like a fitness coach, financial advisor or career counselor, a Spiritual Life Coach can help bring spirituality into every day life and help coach our spiritual development. Through dialogue with a Spiritual Life Coach we can help discern God's voice and better recognize God's love and wisdom in life's daily events.

Spiritual Direction is available to both individuals and couples.  Couple Direction differs from conventional marriage counseling in that it is focused more on spirituality, prayer, listening and discernment.  It is for couples who desire to earnestly seek God's desire for their marriage - the joys and the challenges - and are sincerely ready for a deep, spiritual approach to their relationship and communication.

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Here is what a few people have said about their experience with Spiritual Life Coaching:

“I first sought out Spiritual Life Coaching as a result of me being in a place where I was hungering to venture into deeper places with a wiser brother or sister in Christ. I had felt immense frustration with surface level Christian conversing and wanted to seek out someone who was ready to be real, honest and helpful in bringing me to a place of "refueling" from God.
For the past year, I have enjoyed journeying into new and stretching grounds with Rob's prayerful support. I have been reminded that God is so alive in my dreams and passions and that He calls me to adventure with Him in deeper, more satisfying waters.  Spiritual Life Coaching has been an effective tool in God's hand this past year in speaking both grace and truth into my life.”  

“Being involved in spiritual direction has been a new experience for me.  I highly recommend it.  It's helps me keep in touch with who I am eternally.  I am encouraged as a child of the King.  It is a safe place to share concerns where I don't have to worry about how someone will respond.  I have encouraged wives of pastors to enjoy this opportunity as often they cannot share there load because of confidentiality or they're worried what they say will affect their husbands' ministry.  It's  a safe place to talk about fear and process why I'm afraid and explore it together.  Sharing in this time encourages me to walk in the freedom I have in Christ.  It has been a blessing.  Thank-you.”  

“I have been meeting for Spiritual Life Coaching pretty much every month for almost two years.  I leave about an hour from Calgary so I have arranged to meet with Rob in his office in Bowness and also at St. Francis Retreat Center and he has come to my home, mostly of late we meet at the Food Court at Cross Irons Mall.    Oddly enough the size and crowds in the mall allow for anonymity and privacy.   We meet here because it is convenient for both of us. We usually  arrange to meet through email. I see Rob as a Spiritual Friend who offers insight and direction in my spiritual journey.  I enjoy his flexibility. Sometimes when I'm stumped about something, God seems to use Rob's insights to speak to where I am at or where I am going.  I value each time we get together and enjoy his prayers amidst the hub-bub of the mall.”